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    Welcome to the official home of CthulhuTech!

    Origins Award Finalist for Best Game of the Year 2008, 2009

    ENnie Award Finalist 2009: Best Game, Best Production Values, and Best Interior Art

    ENnie Gold Medal Winner 2009: Best Cover Art (CthulhuTech Core Book)

    ENnie Gold Medal 2009: Best Supplement (Vade Mecum: The CthulhuTech Companion)

    What is CthulhuTech?
    CthulhuTech is an innovative storytelling game that started out as a combination of two popular genres. The first was that of cosmic horror, made popular by H. P. Lovecraft and culminating in the modern day with elements of Mike Mignola’s Hellboy and John Carpenter’s In the Mouth of Madness. The second was that of giant mecha Japanese animation, made popular by such series as Robotech, Neon Genesis Evangelion, and Rahxephon. But the setting has grown far beyond what it started out to be. CthulhuTech is now a truly unique hybrid of genres – cosmic horror, anime, post-apocalypse, traditional horror, and science fiction blended together seamlessly.

    Ultimately, CthulhuTech is set in our world less than one hundred years from now, though as unrecognizable to us as we are to the people of the early twentieth century. Through the unorthodox blending of arcane principles with modern science, Humanity has created an inexhaustible power source that has revolutionized the world. Hand in hand came greater cosmic understanding and the acceptance of what was once thought to be magic. Our blossoming power brought an alien race that had hidden amongst us into the foreground as they descended upon Earth to enslave or destroy us. Celestial mechanics have brought ancient sleeping gods back into our world. The Aeon War rages and three-quarters of the people on Earth have been wiped out. But, combined with the might of unexpected allies, the New Earth Government makes certain that we will not go gently into the dark night.

    It is in this rich setting that players take on the roles of hot-shot mecha jocks, staring down the front lines to save the world, self-sacrificing Engel pilots, who have psychically attuned themselves with giant cybernetic monsters, knowledgeable occult scholars and powerful sorcerers, who use an understanding of the hidden world and cosmic laws to bring eldritch power against our enemies, brave combat soldiers, fighting where giant machines cannot, and frightening Tagers, who have undergone lost rituals to bond in symbiosis with a thing from beyond space and time. And these are just a few options in a much larger world.

    Built on Framewerk

    Framewerk, the proprietary system upon which CthulhuTech is built, is not only simple and intuitive, it is cinematic, exciting, and puts destiny back in the hands of the player. Its easy to grasp nature makes the game straightforward to learn and quick to start. Its clever dice mechanics make even the simplest of task resolutions exciting.