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    Archive for June, 2010

    WildFire Has New Partners!

    June 10, 2010

    Lake Stevens, Washington [10-June-2010]

    Isn’t it strange how you can sit down at a business meeting, and as soon as the zombies start crawling out of the fields of wildflowers, the ties come off and people start having fun? Business in the gaming industry should be about having fun. It should be about making awesome games that people love to play. And, of course, it should be about making good business decisions, even when faced with the rise of unmentionable gods and invading hordes of aliens.

    That’s why we at Sandstorm are delighted to announce that we’re joining forces with WildFire to bring a great lineup of games to the gaming industry. From their award winning CthulhuTech game world to new, fun (and rather addictive) games currently in production, WildFire has an ambitious plan for future releases. With Sandstorm’s capitalization and production management services, it’s a match made in heaven. Or in monster-strewn hell, depending on your taste. From the moment we joined forces, we’ve hit the ground running to bring you the games you’ve been itching for.

    Stop by and visit us at Origins and GenCon to see the new lineup of coming CthulhuTech books, play a game of Poo!, or just chat a bit about monsters, mayhem, and the future.

    WildFire LLC and Sandstorm Productions LLC. The Storm is building.


    WildFire is the creative mastermind behind the ENnie Award-winning and Origins Award nominated CthulhuTech roleplaying line, as well as the Origins Award nominated Poo: the Card Game. They will also be releasing the Chthonian Stars roleplaying line for the Traveller roleplaying game later this year, a Lovecraftian sci-fi exploration set in the near future. The creative partners at WildFire have nearly a half century of industry experience behind them designing roleplaying, miniatures, and casual games. Their planned release schedule over the coming years contains several exciting new product lines that are sure to set the market on fire!

    Sandstorm Productions LLC is a Kansas based capitalization and production company dedicated to partnering with premium studios to bring the best games to market. In addition to WildFire, their partner studios include Closet Nerd Games and Posthuman Studios. Sandstorm assists with the capitalization and production of a wide range of gaming products, from classic RPGs to family and educational board games.

    For more information, contact Sandstorm at or visit the following websites:

    Posted by Matthew Grau at 15:18