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    The Next Phase of WildFire, Pt. I

    April 5, 2010


    As of 3:21 pm today, Catalyst Game Labs transferred ownership of all remaining CthulhuTech and Poo inventory to WildFire, the legal copyright holder of both properties.

    As of January 3rd, 2010, WildFire terminated any and all business relations with Catalyst Game Labs, due primarily to non-payment of royalties, in addition to other contractual breaches.

    Since that time, WildFire has been trying to work with Catalyst for that company to pay WildFire the remaining royalties owed. Things have progressed very slowly. In order to relieve a portion of that debt all at once, the best solution for Catalyst Game Labs was to transfer ownership of WildFire inventory to that company.

    More changes are expected within the week, and more information will be released as they happen.

    Posted by Matthew Grau at 15:58

    PDF’s Moving

    April 5, 2010

    Some of you may have noticed that our PDF’s are no longer available on DriveThru RPG or Catalyst Game Labs Battlecorps site. There is nothing to worry about. There are some changes going on, but you can expect to see CthulhuTech PDF’s available on One Book Shelf again very, very soon.

    Posted by Matthew Grau at 10:14

    Out of Print? Not for long!

    March 11, 2010

    We’ve received many mails recently inquiring about the availability of the Core Book and Vade Mecum. Most people can’t get them through regular distribution right now. It’s true – they are both out of print, due to renegotiations with our publisher.

    However, not for long! We expect to see the Core Book back on shelves in the next few months, with Vade Mecum following before early summer. We’ll be back in the normal production swing soon and Ancient Enemies should be part of that batch!

    Posted by Matthew Grau at 10:08

    Ancient Enemies Preview #1 Available!

    March 5, 2010

    Been waiting patiently for Ancient Enemies? Well sink your teeth into some new content in the Ancient Enemies Preview that’s now available for download!

    Posted by Matthew Grau at 17:27

    CthulhuTech Interviews, Reviews, & Articles

    February 22, 2010

    Here are a whole bunch of articles associated with CthulhuTech, and also with the past and recent Atomic Array podcasts:

    Atomic Array: Episode 040 – CthulhuTech & Matthew Grau

    Atomic Array: CthulhuTech Quick-Start

    Atomic Array: Episode 013

    Mad Brew Labs: CthulhuTech – The Game That Almost Wasn’t

    Critical Hits: When Horror Meets Awesome – CthulhuTech

    Kore Dice: Interview with CthulhuTech’s Mike Vaillancourt

    Stargazer’s World: Review – CthulhuTech

    Stan!: The Stars Will Be Right

    Arcane Underground: The Saga of CthulhuTech (Updated)

    The Village Barbarian: Review – CthulhuTech Core Book

    Dice Monkey: Review: Vade Mecum

    Blog of a new RPGer: Review – Dark Passions

    Stargazer’s World: Review – Damnation View

    allgeektout: Review – Mortal Remains

    The Spirits of Eden: Review – Vade Mecum

    Creatively Anomalous: Review – Dark Passions

    Posted by Matthew Grau at 15:43