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    Story Books

    CthulhuTech is different from most other storytelling games - it tells a story that has a beginning, middle, and end. Once the setting is established in the Core Book and Companion, these books will bring characters into the epic storyline of CthulhuTech. The first of these is the Damnation View. These story books will detail the major events of the Aeon War, in which the mortal races of our planet must face great enemies from beyond what they know. In order for Humanity to survive, it must do more than fight - it must evolve.

    The story books, starting with the Damnation View and followed by the Burning Horizon, lay out this epic plot. We begin our story in 2085, where the New Earth Government first fields new advances that may turn the tide in their favor, through the very end of the Last War. In this dark hour the question is, will we survive?

    You get to be a part of this story and find out for yourself. The design philosophy of CthulhuTech is as such that the characters you portray in your game are front and center - they are intended to be the stars. The story books are written in such a way that Storyguides can adapt these epic plotlines to involve your individual characters, so that they can take part in the greatest conflict Humanity has ever faced. They can shape the face of things and see things through to the very end - for better or for worse.

    However, in the end, it’s your CthulhuTech and you can do with it what you want. Don’t like the plotlines? Use them for ideas to create your own or disregard them altogether. But each of our story books will provide a more detailed look at portions of the CthulhuTech setting, as well as more character types, gear, and abilities. They still provide utility for those who aren’t interested in using the overarching story of CthulhuTech.